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Did you know every 60 seconds more than 1500 blog posts are published on the internet? It would be impossible to check them all!
Smart News HD is the perfect app for poeple who don’t want to waste time surfing the internet looking for interesting news. This news aggregator automatically fetches posts from Google News and shows a list of posts ranked by relevance. You no longer need to read all the news, that was the past.

The app comes with an intuitive user interface which will easily show how relevant each news is. That’s all we need: a title, a description (excerpt).

And if that’s not enough, Smart News HD is able to check in background for most relevant news and perdiodically shows the most important one as a notification in the status bar. So you will always be updated with the most important breaking news from the world! Smart News HD is available in more than 20 languages.

That’s all, news made simple.

  • Tipo: Applicazione
  • Genere: Informazione
  • Anno: 2014
  • Engine: Eclipse + Android SDK