Angelo Tricarico Italian Software Developer and Architect

Welcome to Angelo Tricarico's Tech Hub! I am a passionate Computer Science graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Bari. As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Guidewire Ace Certified professional, I bring over 8 years of expertise in the insurance and banking sectors.

Technical Expertise: My proficiency spans Java, JSP, JSF, Gosu, JSON, XML, SQL, HTML, CSS, UnityScript, StoneScript, and Haskell. I am well-versed in JHipster, SpringBoot, Hibernate, and have a strong Sysops background. Git, Nexus, and Jenkins are my go-to DevOps tools.

Projects and Interests: Explore my diverse portfolio, featuring desktop software, smartphone apps, and games for Android/iOS. Check out my web applications at Beyond coding, I delve into domotics, Arduino, music (guitar, bass, piano), home recording, reading, and tennis.

Professional Journey: I currently serve as an Architect Cloud at Allianz, leading AWS migrations and overseeing API development. Previous roles at Aviva included contributing to system rewrites, managing policy integration, and working as a Full Stack Java EE Developer. My stint at the previous company involved diverse Java projects, from Internet Banking to market price calculations.

Join me on this tech journey, exploring the ever-evolving world of programming, cloud computing, and beyond. Let's innovate, learn, and grow together!